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Troy Construction has a highly recognized and effective safety program.

With each year as the company grows, the safety department adapts and grows as well. Our OSHA and EMR records are evidence of the success that the safety department has accomplished. Whereas the safety department develops the programs that we have, they are only effective due to our 100% management and supervisor backing of Safe Operations. Troy Construction’s vision is to provide an incident/injury free workplace, which requires the participation of every employee as we strive for zero incidents. Troy Construction has very high expectations for all employees regarding safety. Every employee has the responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries by observing established working rules, by following the directions of supervisors, by practicing the safety rules of Troy Construction, exercising stop work authority and by providing ideas on how our safety efforts might be further strengthened. Troy Construction is an active member of the American Pipeline Contractors Association and Brazosport and Houston Area Contractor Safety Councils. All key personnel have attended the Texas A&M University TEEX Excavation Safety Course. [spacer] [recenttesti num=”1″ thumb=”true” excerpt_count=”300″][spacer] [accordions] [accordion title=”Safety Culture”] Troy Construction’s success as a company depends directly on each employee’s attitude towards their own safety and the safety of their co-workers. Troy Construction’s safety culture is embodied in the following exerpt from the company safety manual, which is based on a mutual commitment essential to the program.
Troy Management’s Promise:
  • Maintain a Just Safety Culture where you are encouraged to report all incidents, accidents and hazards without fear of unfair discipline and with focus on improving
  • Provide necessary training, tools, PPE, procedures and quality equipment to protect our employees and the public
  • Employ professional safety staff committed to assisting and training our employees in all policies, procedures, laws and hazard assessments
  • Continue to have an open door policy with every manager, especially where safety concerns are involved
  • Continually measure our success in our daily pursuit of ZERO INCIDENTS with a focus on improvement.
Employees Required Commitment:
  • Maintain the attitude every day that we are each responsible for our own safety AND the safety of our co-workers
  • Arrive on the job every morning focused on the work at hand and how you will execute the work safely
  • STOP any work activity that you feel is unsafe
  • DO NOT take short cuts concerning safety for “the sake of production”, follow all safety policies and procedures understanding that each employee will be held accountable
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Every Troy Construction employee who works on a Troy Construction jobsite must first go through orientation training. This covers everything from equal employment opportunity (EEO) information to personal protective equipment (PPE) to material safety data sheets (MSDS). Before going to work, every employee must also acknowledge receipt of and commitment to the Troy Construction Drug and Alcohol Policy and be administered a DOT drug test. Troy Construction jobsite personnel are also required to participate in jobsite specific safety training. This type of training would be relevant for that particular jobsite and would cover anything from fall protection to sandblasting procedures to excavation safety. At Troy Construction, we feel that using targeted safety training is much more effective than using blanket, non-specific safety training because we feel it addresses the task at hand that the employee will be performing.
Operator Qualification
Pursuant to the United States Department of Transportation’s requirement for Operator Qualification, Troy Construction has become an Accredited Training Center through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) & Veriforce. Through this process, participants receive quality training based on uniform standards and criteria. NCCER’s National Registry contains the training records of our employees and instructors who have received training through the NCCER process. We are able to qualify our employees in the maintenance and pipeline fields by utilizing the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP), which provides us with effective methods to evaluate the skills and productivity of our workforce. Additionally, we have also joined forces with ISN Software Corporation (ISNetWorld), which allows companies to track employee’s qualification records. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Compliance”]
At Troy Construction, we ensure compliance with our safety program by doing the following:
  • Every employee and subcontractor must attend safety orientation training and be drug tested prior to performing work on the right-of-way.
  • A certified competent trained person is on every crew.
  • We have a dedicated safety representative on every project.
  • We hold weekly safety meetings.
  • We hold daily “toolbox talks” and conduct daily Jobsite Safety Analyses (JSA’s).
  • Our safety supervisors make regular visits to all projects.
  • Our Director of Safe Operations briefs the entire management team on safety activities on a bi-weekly basis and conducts a minimum of 1 monthly field audit per project.
  • We utilize post-incident, pre-employment and random drug testing.
  • We utilize an extensive near miss program and weekly safety meeting note distribution in which we discuss company-wide issues and incidents to keep them from occurring on other projects.
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Safety Statistics

Year TRIR Man Hours EMR
2017 0.26 3,134,898 0.60
2016 0.22 3,690,788 0.55
2015 0.19 4,135,736 0.36
2014 0.29 4,181,007 0.33
2013 0.16 6,369,288 0.27
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Cognitive-based safety approach

Green Frame 5The Green Frame 5, corresponds with the PB5, it is a symbol that reminds everyone to work and stay accident free. Every day of our lives we have an attitude; we want a positive frame around this attitude. Our goal is to have everyone in a green frame of mind all the time. [spacer] 5 Personal Safety ReasonsWhen starting work with Troy Construction every employee is asked to list 5 real reasons why they want to work safe. These are your Personal Big 5 (PB5) reasons that are most important to you and why you want to protect yourself and others around you while at work and get home safely. [spacer] Danger RiskThe Gorilla represents an abnormal risk of danger. There are stickers on equipment or signs put around in areas everyone needs to be extra aware.
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Safety Associations

[extra_wrap] Troy Construction is a member of the following safety associations:
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