Quality Management

Quality Management function in place lead by a corporate Quality Director position that reports directly to senior leadership. The Quality Director is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of a corporate Quality Management System (QMS) to be implemented across the Troy Construction Corporation focused on prevention of defects. The Quality Management System does not guarantee a flawless product or service, but provides a framework for maximizing the delivery of our products and services.

Some of the key benefits of implementing our QMS include…

  • Confidence in meeting contractual and regulatory quality requirements (codified and demonstrated conformance)
  • Reduction in costs of rework
  • Increased production efficiencies (due to consistent “right-first-time” processes and work practices)

Development and rollout of updated Quality Management System elements continue underway with continuous improvements to our corporate Quality Manual and its supporting processes and procedures.



Troy Construction’s success in meeting quality requirements depends directly on each employee and sub-contractor’s attitude.


  • Maintain an open door policy (focused on improving quality) where employees and sub-contractors are encouraged to report non-conformance without fear of unfair discipline or reprisals in conformance with our “Code of Ethics and Compliance”

  • Provide necessary training, in procedures, equipment and resources to enable our employees and sub-contractors to meet quality requirements

  • Employ professional quality staff committed to assisting and training our employees and sub-contractors in all corporate and project specific quality related policies, procedures, specifications and requirements

  • Continually measure our success in our daily pursuit of ZERO non conformances and ZERO reject with a focus on prevention of defects


  • Maintain the attitude every day that we are each responsible for the quality of our own work

  • Respectfully and professionally help others to assure the quality of their work

  • Inform your direct supervisor of any work activity that you feel may not meet quality requirements


Quality Management activities for projects are coordinated at the start of a project to identify the key inspections and tests to be performed for the project and to identify responsibilities for these tasks.

Projects are also supported by a team of corporate Quality Assurance professionals that report directly to the Quality Director for QC personnel coordination, procedure development, training, project quality auditing and technical support.