Pipeline Integrity Management

Troy Construction has been performing pipeline maintenance work since its inception in 1950. We handle everything from valve change outs, anomaly digs, pipeline rerouting, hydro-testing, replacement and lowering, river and road crossings, ROW maintenance, to re-vegetation. One big difference between Troy Construction's maintenance capabilities and that of other contractors is the expertise and quality of our people. At Troy, our maintenance group is made up of the same caliber people as our largest pipeline project. The safety of the people and the facilities involved with this type of work don't allow for anything but our best.

For decades we have continuously performed maintenance work for numerous operators across the U.S.

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Client: Vectren
Date: 10/2016
Location: Evansville, IN

Troy Construction is currently working on a 10 mile section of 12" pipe, cutting out short radius fittings and installing new pipe by HDD where the pipe is exposed. Along with fabricating one launcher/receiver, one 6"regulator station and hydro testing all 10 miles.

Client: Kinder Morgan — AMA #2 & #4 Make Pigable Project
Date: 12/2014
Location: Kansas

This was a repair job on nine stations. It was 180 miles of the NGPL line which ran from Great Bend, KS to Dodge City, KS. There were two parts to the project, #2 consisted of 3-26” Tees, 2-26” mainline valves, 1- 26” launcher, and 1-26” receiver. The second part of the project was #4 which consisted of: 1-36” Tees, 1-36” launcher, and 1-36” receiver.